A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Hey yo Franky,

you can hear me up there, can’t ya?

I’m here with a news flash

I’ve done spread the news

and I’m leavin’ like you

takin’ her with me

to that City with the eyes

open in the wee hours

yeah the Big Apple,

ya know…a little cure

for little town blues

for even the fattest cities, man

in the middle of nowheres


ya know, she ain’t got the looks,

no she don’t,

of a west coast girl…

though she was made out over

in the City of Angels…

nah, she’s a looker rather

for a New York gal

let’s call it Queens

or maybe somewheres

out in Manhattan


I got this idear in me, ya see

a picture of the big city, ya know

and she’s a big city girl

lookin’ like one, too

so ain’t these good things, Franky boy

good reasons, ya hear

to up and leave?  Yeah, so…

so I’ll be sweeping her up

up and off her feet

in a New York minute

and I’ll take her by the hand

and we’ll hightail it out

out of this neck of the woods

and make for the City

that never hits the hay

back to where I wuz grown

ya know, back in the day


and don’t figure us for bums, ither

we’re going to be somebodies

she’ll open that store alright

that she’s been talkin’ about

on every corner, a branch

the new Gotham Jewelers

selling her diamonds and gold

on the side, and on the other

coachin’ the coaches

of tomorrow’s Olympians

students in her school:

Metropolis Academy of Gymnastics

yeah, the queen of Queens

all this, while I work the days

selling stocks on the rocks

sippin’ on martinis

the king of Wall Street

(and how ’bout those apples?)

yeah, I’ll be sellin’ those stocks

though I won’t be the one sellin’

nah my brokers will

I’ll be a-supervisin’, ya see

…from a yacht off Coney Island


and comin’ home every night

our dinner’d be served

and we’d feast on fine fare, ya see

oh yeah boy, it’d be like that

yeah Franko, we’ll be great

great together, ya know

she and I, me and her

taking a bite out of the Apple

carving our niche

making a name for ourselves

just her and me

she and I

forever like that

and ever like this

kind and queen, ya hear

of the greatest City on Earth