Boyz Of The Cut

out over in The Cut

a little part of town

down in CC by the Sea

a little Harlem, baby

they be hoopin’ it up

all the brothas be there

burnin’ up the nets

bendin’ the rims

over at The Cage

b-ball court fenced 360

metal fence all around,

on the sides, overhead

there be Little William,

little Mookie Griffin

alway smilin’ cuz he high

pickin’ pocket after pocket

jumpin’ up, knees landin’

up on the shoulders

of the nigga guardin’ his a$$

knockin’ down them threes

out from beyond the pros’

damn near half-court

don’t believe me?

just mosey on over

and get you some of this

southern ass-whoopin’

niggas up north don’t know

how we roll down here

them Miller boyz

Miller High Buccaneers

“once a Buc always a Buc”

runnin’ with the best of ’em

all up and down the court

every jumper smokin’ the net,

every time a Miller Time

nah, they don’t know us

them yanks, or them out-a-towners

from down over here

down in the Lone Star

but they send they teams

and yeah they take it sometimes

playin’ methodical ball

but we don’t cry

nah we yawn

put us to sleep

cuz where the show?

they can’t put it on

with they calculated game

slow and measured,

slowin’ us down

only way to top us out

cuz we move, baby

run and gun, rain or sun

nah, they can’t turn it up

don’t know how to Ball-y-wood

make the crowd stand up

sea of purple and gold

wavin’ them dolla bills

a dolla…100 on the board

yeah, some of them schoolz

they got they show bands

though we got one, too

but we got the show squad

got the “D-squad” goin’ on

D-fence, baby

the Boyz of The Cut

and all them brothas

down at The Cage

playin’ till the sun come up