A Meditation On Existence

they drift in impalpable realms —

close your eyes

and you will see them:

ideas of lives, platonic in nature

divine thoughts of human forms

each of them a him, or a her…

they line the number line

equal in number to its length

residing within infinitum’s darkness,

the content of omnipotent thoughts,

brought out of the black nothing

into the something of actuality:

one of them is you

and one of them is me,

the miracle herein residing:

how came it to be

that you were chosen…

…or I was chosen…

a drop from the shoreless sea

to exist,

one from infinitude?

the chances of it

one within infinity

by what the calculator tells us

we should not exist

yet here we are

you and I

alive to reality

reading this line

and this one, too

lines of so-called poetry

pulled from another pool

also bottomless, like the ether

from which we were taken