The Lovemaking

on a California King

waterbed kissed by the sun

through the skylight above

rose petals strewn

on that sun-dappled garden

french doors open to the sea

the walls of white

and airs of lavender

the candles almost spent

through the doors

her cries take wing

flying out over the dunes

and beyond the waves

into the infinite blue

her tears welling up

there in her eyes

as he holds her from behind

his four-fold embrace

tentacles wrapping around

two above, two below

throbbing with love

an adoration of her form

upon the altar of her skin

plunging clean through

deeper and deeper he goes

exploring the depths

blind, but feeling

through the narrow way

a contracting tunnel

his life he wholly funnels

into her own

as her head falls back

crashing with the waves

onto his chest, her hair

of golden silk

those streams of pure honey

gliding over his skin

and then the moment comes

their bodies dissolve

and their energies fuse

as waterfalls of feeling

come crashing down

the two breaths merged

into one exhalation

spiraling upward to heaven

and met with throngs of joy

as personhood is drowned

taking one form alone

a single life force

pounding with pain

glorious pain, and sugared

more than honey

the honey of her hair

and there, in the stillness

nothing moves or speaks

just the sea breezes, wafting

a silence held in thrall

a day, utterly spent

yet pulsing with power

bottomless, borderless,


and perfectly eternal