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Reagan’s Rhyme

There was a certain someone with whom I crossed paths once (I’ll call her “Reagan”), who touched me deeply a few years back.  I’ve been wanting for a while now to write a little something in honor of her…a kind of tribute.  As yet I’ve not found the words to express what I feel, and it’s going to be hard to do so, but I imagine the future poem to be a kind of written equivalent to Eric Johnson’s two songs, Song For Irene and Song For Lynette.

Both of these songs seem to me to be a heartfelt response from Eric to two persons who moved him in some way in his life, and the poem I want to write will be no exception….I just need the inspiration.  Need someone or something to hit me with some!  In any case, I’m thinking of rhyming it out, thus the title “Reagan’s Rhyme”.  But no matter what comes of it, I hope I can do it justice and produce something that will truly honor her and pay sufficient tribute to such a lovely, beautiful creature.

— Vercey